Center for Lymphatic Immunobiology
Confocal microscopic maximum projection
Mouse ear stained for LYVE-1 (red), VEGFR3 (green), and collagen IV (blue). 

About Us

About Us

The Center for Lymphatic Immunobiology is a new and growing effort to coordinate and synergize investigators who are in different research systems and who are asking important lymphatics-related questions.  

We come from varied backgrounds in cell biology, human genetics, virology, and immunology and we are basic scientists and physician scientists.

We have a common goal of increasing awareness and understanding of the lymphatic system in health and disease, and determining the suitability of the lymphatic vasculature as a target for therapy. Our current activities include quarterly data and planning meetings; collaborative research to facilitate ongoing projects and nurture new projects; and networking.

New participants are welcome to participate in the CLI and join our efforts to understand the lymphatic system and its role in health and disease!

Message from the Director

Message from the Director

Message from the Director:

Welcome to The Center for Lymphatic Immunobiology’s Web site. We have striven to create a one-stop resource that describes our mission and goals, identifies who we are, and provides resources for investigators and others interested in the lymphatic vascular system.

The CLI is a new coordinating effort initiated with support from the Graduate School of Public Health and we welcome your input on how we can better serve the research and patient communities and provide useful resources.

This area of biomedical research is expanding and attracting attention from researchers and clinicians.  It will continue to do so as more investigators and doctors recognize the critical role that the lymphatics play in tissue homeostasis.

Please have a look at what we have here and get in touch with one of us if you have questions or an idea for collaboration!

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